Shaping independent media: The AMP mission

African Media Perspective (AMP) began in 2023 as a conversation between Food For Mzansi Group, Media Hack, and MDIF, aimed at nurturing a vibrant and independent media landscape across Africa.

Driven by Food For Mzansi Group and MDIF, the vision is inspired by the wealth of creative talent found throughout the continent. We envision media entrepreneurs and innovators pushing boundaries, engaging audiences in novel ways, and harnessing technology to deliver impactful news and information.

The inaugural AMP unconference in July 2023 convened 40 media professionals from diverse corners of Africa and beyond in Stellenbosch. This gathering underscored the power of collaboration as a catalyst for progress, providing a forum for sharing ideas, showcasing innovations, and forging connections to drive positive change. In 2024, we anticipate an attendance of 90 participants.

Are you a media game-changer?

Whether you’re a journalist, media entrepreneur, or industry leader, AMP is your opportunity to connect with a diverse network, ranging from grassroots media to national publications – all sharing a passion for independent media.

Benefit from insights shared by experts and, equally important, learn from your peers. Share your vision with a supportive community and acquire the tools to advance your media journey. Join us in the heart of the Cape Winelands for an unforgettable celebration of media innovation.

We eagerly anticipate welcoming you to AMP 2024!