It is no secret that independent media faces tough times, and despite attracting top speakers from across the globe, Africa Media Perspectives is currently a non-sponsored event. Here, everyone pays their own way because they believe in the future of independent media and want to contribute to its growth.

We’re hoping that you’d join us for two days of immersive discussions, insightful workshops, and networking opportunities. We unite visionaries, professionals, and enthusiasts, from industry giants to grassroots media, to shape the future of media in Africa.

Secure your spot at AMP 2024 for R1,495, which includes meals, and enjoy two days of enriching experiences

Regretfully, no Scholarships available:

We regret to inform you that, unfortunately, there are no scholarships available for Africa Media Perspectives 2024. Despite our best efforts, AMP remains a non-sponsored event and we are unable to offer financial assistance at this time.

We understand the importance of fostering diverse perspectives and empowering aspiring talents in the media industry. While we are unable to provide scholarships, we encourage all interested individuals to attend and participate in the event. Your passion for media and your aspirations are valuable, and we hope to continue supporting your growth through our programming and community engagement.

Thank you for your understanding. For any inquiries, please contact us at